VEGAN WAFER BAR - Hazelnut - 12 x 35 g

Discover the latest addition to our Vegan range. Protein Wafer is the reference protein bar for all active people who want to indulge without feeling guilty. The strength of this protein bar with its crunchy texture and irresistible taste lies in its 30% vegetable protein. This delicious protein bar is practical and easy to take with you wherever you go, making it the ideal snack for anyone following a vegan or vegetarian diet. Containing only plant-based ingredients, this protein bar with its wafer-like texture and available in hazelnut flavour is the ideal snack for filling up on protein while enjoying yourself.

Also lactose-free, it's the ideal bar for vegetarians or vegans looking for quality protein. This vegetable protein bar lets you combine performance and taste. Far from the classic industrial bars full of sugar and fat, Protein Wafer Vegan gives you a healthy, protein-packed snack that will satisfy the appetite of sportswomen or any active person. What's more, it's also the ideal plant-based alternative to traditional protein bars. Its protein from plant sources will help you develop and grow your muscles, as well as helping you get through your busy day.

The protein in Protein Wafer Vegan is the key element that will help you develop and grow muscles. Here, it's the vegetable proteins of brown rice and yellow peas that will help you rebuild your muscles. During training, you put your muscles to a severe test and tear your muscle fibres. In order to rebuild them, a protein intake is essential. While protein is an essential nutrient for sportspeople, it is also essential for non-athletes. In fact, it enables muscles to be maintained and function properly. Adding protein to your daily diet is therefore essential to help you achieve your goals.

Protein Wafer Vegan is made from brown rice and yellow pea protein. The fact that we get the protein from these two plant-based sources means that we can look for the best in each of these ingredients. As a result, we can offer you a protein bar with high biological value. Yellow pea is naturally rich in essential amino acids and brown rice is a source of protein with high nutritional value. Containing very little fat and carbohydrates, these foods are ideal for people looking to lose weight. What's more, these ingredients are hypoallergenic and lactose-free, making them highly digestible sources of protein.

Protein is effective both for muscle development and growth, and for general muscular health. However, taking protein is also advisable for weight loss. In fact, protein will encourage the loss of body fat and, conversely, maintain lean body mass. Brown rice and yellow peas are also plant-based ingredients that help to reduce blood sugar levels. This protein bar therefore contributes to a better body composition. What's more, the protein from the brown rice and yellow peas in Protein Wafer Vegan helps you feel fuller. This protein bar with its wafer-like texture and delicious hazelnut flavour will give you that satiating effect that will prevent you from craving food and help you maintain your weight.

Rich in beneficial nutrients, Vegan Protein Wafer can be eaten throughout the day. Whether after training to take advantage of the metabolic window or simply during the day to enjoy a healthy and delicious snack. Either way, Protein Wafer Vegan is the plant-based protein bar that will fit in your pocket and make you glow with pleasure.

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