Visiodry 20mL sprayer

With VIDIODRY, treat your glasses, masks or visors and maintain perfect vision, even in the rain.
 Water droplets bounce off the surface without ever getting it wet.
 The treated screens and goggles remain 100% dry at low speeds and even when stationary.

When it's raining, VISIODRY is an important safety feature for your daily commute or when out and about, keeping your screens always dry and your vision perfect.
 Safety in the rain
 Comfort to enjoy your outing
 Perfect vision even in the rain.

VISIODRY can be easily applied to all optical surfaces (masks, goggles, helmets) and is compatible with all types of treatments (lenses and visors: transparent, smoked, iridium, photochromic, etc.).

 20mL sprayer
 Non-flammable and non-hazardous product
 Stable between -40°C and +50°C
 Made in France
 ISO 9001 certified

1. Clean the surface with a cloth
2. Spray generously from a distance of about 10 cm onto a dry surface
3. Allow to dry (30 to 45 seconds)

 Apply to a clean, dry surface.
 Spray the surface generously, leave to dry and do not wipe the surface after application.
 The treatment is temporary: rubbing eliminates the rain-repellent effect.
 The treatment is long-lasting: without rubbing, VISIODRY is effective for 2 months.
 Wiping with a soft cloth removes the treatment and the surface returns to its original state, unaltered.
 Reapply as required to maintain the same high performance rain repellency.

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