• 78% protein per serving.
• Minimum 71 kcal per serving.
• Rich in BCAA and fibers.
• Delicious flavors for guilt-free pleasure.
• Helps to reduce body fat and contributes to muscle tone.
• Lightness and digestibility for optimal comfort.

New Generation Protein for Everyone. Light Digest Whey Protein is more than just a protein. It's a revolution in the world of sports nutrition, designed to suit everyone: whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, or just someone looking to stay active. Its unique formula allows you to easily integrate it into your daily diet, whether after training or as a snack, to help you achieve your fitness and well-being goals.
Improve Your Athletic Performance! No matter your sport, Light Digest Whey Protein is here to boost your performance. It significantly contributes to improving your athletic abilities, helping to maintain muscle tone and promoting muscle development. After a workout session, it helps you recover more efficiently, preparing you for your next challenges.
Ideal for Weight Loss. If your goal is to lose weight, Light Digest Whey Protein is your ally. Incorporated into a balanced diet, it helps reduce fat mass while nourishing your lean body mass. It's the perfect choice for those looking to combine weight loss with maintaining muscle mass.
A Whey for All Sports. Whether you practice endurance, strength, or explosive sports, Light Digest Whey Protein is the dietary supplement you need. It provides the necessary fuel for your muscles, promoting their growth, tone, and recovery. With it, you're sure to have a solid partner to enhance your athletic performance and feel great in your body.

With 11 incredible flavors and more to come, Light Digest Whey Protein is a flavor explosion: banana, Belgian chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate-hazelnut, coconut, crème brûlée, fruity candy, pistachio, salted butter caramel, strawberry, and vanilla. Not to mention the new flavors constantly being developed to meet your expectations. If you have trouble choosing a flavor, we offer this product in a pack version to explore all these tastes and find your favorite: it contains 25 doses of 20 grams (2 servings), so you can peacefully taste these delicious flavors. Each shake is an invitation to savor quality and indulgence.

With an ideal formula rich in inulin (660 mg per serving), and no added sugar, Light Digest Whey Protein is a blend of Whey concentrate and isolate, containing a high amount of BCAAs (L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine), essential amino acids for muscle development and regeneration. Low in sugars and calories, this dietary supplement is preferably consumed after training to maximize its benefits. However, it can also be consumed as a morning or afternoon snack, ensuring a quality nutritional intake and satisfying the feeling of fullness. Additionally, this Whey does not contain soy, making it the ideal partner for those who do not tolerate this ingredient

This protein powder mixes very easily with water or milk, according to your preference. Just add 20 grams of powder to 200 ml of water or milk, mix vigorously, and it's ready to drink! A quick-made shake, ready to be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you are creative, you can easily create your own recipes or try ours. This Whey powder blends perfectly with certain types of dessert preparations to satisfy your sweet cravings with a protein touch. For a healthy and tasty protein intake, go for Light Digest Whey Protein and level up! By choosing our Light Digest Whey Protein, you do more than simply choose a high-quality protein. You opt for a product whose every aspect has been scrutinized and validated according to the highest industry standards. That's our commitment to you: to offer the best, without compromise.

Mix 2 servings daily with 200 ml of water or skimmed milk.

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