NIGHT BURNER (Weight Loss) - Vegan caps - 90 caps

Night Burner is the food supplement that will help you burn fat throughout the night. Its highly researched formula combines ingredients which will accelerate fat metabolism in the most optimal way possible. Its action within the body is what breaks down the fat. Night Burner is a fat-burning supplement to be taken before going to bed (unlike Day Burner, which activates the metabolism during the day), thanks to the effects of its ingredients, which help the body to activate lipid metabolism during sleep. With its active action during the night, you'll burn fat while enjoying a pleasant night's sleep.

What's more, the effects of its complete formula, combined with a varied, balanced diet, can help you lose weight more effectively. In fact, by acting directly on fat burning, the active ingredients contained in Night Burner will help you lose weight optimally. This supplement will therefore help you manage your weight.

Night Burner is a dietary supplement that acts as an ultra-efficient fat burner thanks to its action on the metabolism. Its ingredients act as powerful fat-burning activators. Choline L-bitartrate, present in high concentration, is one of the ingredients that activates the metabolism and burns more fat throughout the day.

We have selected ingredients that complement each other effectively. These components have been assembled to preserve the quality of their active ingredients. The choline L-bitartrate contained in the Night Burner supplement helps accelerate fat burning and therefore the metabolism. By burning fat more quickly and efficiently, it prevents it from accumulating in the body. In addition to its action on burning fatty acids in the body, choline L-bitartrate helps to reduce feelings of hunger in the evening and aids digestion of the evening meal.

The Night Burner fat burner also contains a high concentration of inositol and inulin. Combined with choline L-bitartrate, their active ingredients will contribute to lipid metabolism and enable you to regulate your appetite to help you manage your weight. The role of inositol is to transport fatty acids to the body's various cells. Its combination with choline L-bitartrate helps to reduce the deposit of fat in the arteries, as well as lowering cholesterol levels. This action is complemented by inulin, which is found in high concentration in the Night Burner supplement. Inulin also acts on digestion by contributing to good intestinal transit and healthy intestinal flora. This plays a very important role in immunity and general health. What's more, it promotes a slower release of sugar, which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels while you sleep.

Finally, Night Burner also contains bitter orange. Bitter orange extracts contain active ingredients that promote weight loss by stimulating the breakdown of fat. Its presence will therefore help to increase metabolic activity, and therefore contribute to fat burning in addition to the other ingredients in the Night Burner supplement. One of the active ingredients in bitter orange is synephrine. This compound is a highly effective ally in stimulating weight loss. Its action on the metabolism actively burns fat in the body.

Night Burner is a fat burner to be taken in the evening, thanks in particular to its benefits on digestion, its appetite-suppressant action and its role on the metabolism. Ingredients such as choline L-bitartrate, inositol and inulin help to activate lipid metabolism. Its action within the body will trigger the burning of fats to reduce their presence in the body, as well as promoting good transit. With Night Burner, you can activate your metabolism while enjoying a good night's sleep.

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