DAY BURNER (Weight Loss) - Vegan caps - 90 caps

Day Burner is a dietary supplement that acts as an ultra-efficient fat burner thanks to its action on the metabolism. Its ingredients act as powerful fat-burning activators. Camelia and Capsicum are among the ingredients that activate the metabolism and therefore burn more fat throughout the day.

We have selected these ingredients for their complementary effectiveness. Of plant origin, they have been blended to preserve the quality of their active ingredients. The Asian green tea contained in the Day Burner supplement helps to stimulate the metabolism and therefore burn body fat more quickly and effectively. In addition to its calorie-burning action, green tea promotes fat oxidation and helps to reduce appetite. Day Burner fat burner also contains a high concentration of South American cayenne pepper. Combined with green tea, its active ingredients will contribute to lipid metabolism and allow you to regulate your appetite to help you manage your weight.

Ingredients such as black pepper and ginger are also found in Day Burner. Black pepper and ginger extracts contain active ingredients that promote weight loss by stimulating fat breakdown. More than necessary, their presence will therefore contribute to the fat-burning action of the Day Burner supplement. Added to this, our formula also contains L-carnitine, a component which is also ideal for people wanting to lose weight. Its role is to promote the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria in order to provide the body with sufficient energy and prevent the accumulation of unnecessary fat.

Day Burner is a fat burner to be taken during the day, particularly because of the energy boost it provides by activating the metabolism. Ingredients such as caffeine and green tea provide extra energy to help activate the lipid metabolism. Its action within the body will trigger fat burning as well as releasing energy. This source of energy will help you to cope with active days when your lipid metabolism is running at full speed.

Thanks to its particularly powerful formula, the Day Burner fat burner is able to activate the lipid metabolism. Once activated, it will help you burn more fat throughout the day. Its ingredients also release extra energy to help you stay active and kick-start your metabolism.

What's more, thanks to their contribution to metabolism, the ingredients contained in Day Burner will help to reduce body fat. This action will promote weight loss as well as reducing the sensation of hunger, which will also help regulate your weight.

Day Burner contains a natural plant-based formula to provide an effective response to your weight maintenance needs. It's the complete solution to help you lose weight by burning fat.

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