BCAA'S 8000 mg  with natural juice - White Grapefruit - ZERO CALORIE - 700 ml


A hydrating drink, ideal for recovery and allowing optimal muscle growth, that's the combination of Actif BCAA 8000 mg. Available in white grapefruit, lemon and wild berry flavours, this drink contains the ideal ratio of BCAAs, i.e. 3 of the essential amino acids needed for your muscles. Its action allows you to recover better after exercise while promoting muscle development and maintenance.
Ideal for both experienced and amateur sportsmen and women, this practical drink is easy to take with you wherever you go, so you can enjoy its benefits at all times. Easy to drink, Actif BCAA 8000 mg will accompany you throughout your training sessions, even the most intense. Its assimilation allows you to fill up on 8000 mg of BCAAs at a ratio of 2:1:1.

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