L-CARNITINE 2000 mg  with natural juice - Lemon-Lime - ZERO CALORIE - 700 ml


L-Carnitine from QNT is presented here in the form of a refreshing hypotonic and rehydrating zero-calorie drink. It contains 2000 mg of L-Carnitine per bottle, a nutrient which plays an important role in energy metabolism and also helps burn fat to provide energy. Containing pure fruit juice, it's a pleasure to drink during exercise or at any time of day (between meals). Available in orange, lime and cranberry flavours, this drink can be consumed throughout the day to refresh you and support your efforts.
In its 700ml drink format, L-Carnitine from QNT allows you to kill two birds with one stone, hydrating you and burning fat naturally throughout the day. This drink will help you to improve your performance during cardio-based exercise, develop lean muscle mass and recover better after exercise so you can continue training without a dip.

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