3000 Muscle Mass - Strawberry - 1,3 kg


Muscle Mass 3000 is ideal for people who find it difficult to eat large quantities of food to reach their calorie surplus and therefore gain mass. Thanks to its optimal composition, which is not only rich in protein but also in carbohydrates and amino acids, Muscle Mass 3000 stands out from other gainers. It is the essential supplement to help you achieve your weight gain and muscle mass objectives.
If you're building muscle mass, Muscle Mass 3000 is for you. Essential during this important period for sportsmen and women, the protein in Muscle Mass 3000 will not only help to increase muscle volume, but also to look after it. As well as a rich concentration of whey protein, this top-quality formula contains naturally-sourced BCAAs, essential amino acids and an excellent vitamin and carbohydrate complex.
Muscle Mass 3000 is the solution for people who want to build muscle mass or who have difficulty gaining weight. This gainer is therefore ideal for people with a fast metabolism, i.e. who burn calories quickly. This gainer will help you increase your calorie intake and therefore help you gain mass.

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