PRIME WHEY - 100 % Whey Isolate & Concentrate Blend - Vanilla - 908 g

Naturally rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), Prime Whey contributes to muscle growth and the maintenance of body tone. This new range is ideal for all strength sports and can be used in a rapid fat loss programme. Prime Whey is also 100% Whey Protein with a high concentration of Whey Isolate. This high-quality protein powder with its complex formula will support you in your goals to help you surpass and explode your objectives.
What's more, the flavours have been completely reinvented to give you even more flavour! Available in 8 particularly delicious flavours, you'll be won over by an intense taste and a texture that binds perfectly with water or milk. Very easy to digest and assimilate, you'll also be surprised to finish your whole shaker and already be thinking about the next one. Prime Whey will also surprise you with its extremely soluble texture, making it easy to mix and enjoy without lumps. Rediscover the pleasure of consuming protein!

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