MSPA FRAME OSLO Bubble & Jet Spa

MSpa OSLO spa is not only stunning, but features the latest in MSpa technology. This beautiful spa packs all the rigidity of a traditional spa while sporting MSpa’s signature portability and ease of installation. Enjoy multiple hydromassage jets in addition to our variable air bubbling technology while a beautiful remote controlled light strip adds a sense of luxury, creating unparalleled ambiance.

Dimension: 1.6m x 1.6m x 0.65mH / 62.9” x 62.9” x 26”H
Seating Capacity: 6 adults
Net Weight: Carton A: 23.3 kg / 51.4 lbs; Carton B: 23.2 kg / 51.1 lbs; Carton C: 36.1 kg / 79.6 lbs; Carton D: 27 kg / 59.5 lbs
Gross Weight: Carton A: 26.7 kg / 58.9 lbs; Carton B: 29.7 kg / 65.5 lbs; Carton C: 46 kg /101.4 lbs; Carton D: 33.3 kg / 73.4 lbs
Water Capacity: approx. 850Ltr/224Gal.
Air Jet: 120
Massage air blower: 720W Variable Speed Bubble - 3 Levels (L1: 300W, L2: 500W, L3: 720W)
Hydro jets: 4sets(8 high efficiency hydrojets, water direction and intensity adjustable), 1100W jet power
Heater: L1:700W(when turn on HEATER, JET and BUBBLE LEVEL 2 and below); L2:1500W(when turn on HEATER and BUBBLE); L3: 2200W (only turn on HEATER)
Control box: External Control box with powerful jets. Oled touch screen
Ozone: Integrated Ozone Generator 5.5W Ozone output: 30 - 50mg/Hr
Filter Pump: MDC Pump. flow rate:1800L/hr
Power Pack: 220-240V, 50Hz

Spa wall fabric: Plastic Wood Material - Cool Grey
Liner Material: Cloudy White Rhino-TechTM 6-layer reinforced PVC Liner

- Adjustable hydromassage jet Plus
- 40 degree quick heating system
- Variable speed bubble
- Ozone
- UVC tech
- Energy saving timer
- Smart filtration system
- Headrest and Seat cushions
- LED light effect
- compatible with MSpa Mobile APP

- Filter cartridge*2+cartridge base
- Top cover with foil inside
- Inflatable bladder
- EVA foldable mat
- Garden hose adapter
- Inflation hose and adaptor for the bladder
- Manual
- Chemical dispenser
- LED light strip with remoter

Packaging: 4 Brown cartons for a set

Recommended Sales Price : 2599.0 €

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