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Bluetens DUO-SPORT Wireless. Say goodbye to cables. Duo Sport : Do yourself good, strengthen yourself, improve your performance : boost your recovery! The Bluetens Duo-Sport is the first electrotherapy device connected to your smartphone. It offers you treatment, recovery and strengthening programs created by health professionals to meet all the needs related to your sports practice. With the size of a matchbox and weighing only 25 grams, you can take it anywhere! Physical preparation, muscle recovery, pain relief to treat injuries and muscle soreness, rehabilitation, the Duo Sport covers all your needs as a regular or professional athlete, from intermediate to high level. Endurance, resistance, strengthening, casing, explosiveness, toning, recovery, massages, vascularization, etc., find more than 100 programs in the free special Application, to work on 16 parts of the body. You have the possibility to operate one or both Bluetens Modules, with the same or two different programs, on the same or two different body parts. Three modes: Single Session, Generic Treatment. to treat or relieve your pain with over 50 suggested pathologies and a Premium mode that gives you access to a paying mode that offers individualized follow-up care, stimulation and physical exercises for dynamic work, all validated by a reference physiotherapist from Bluetens.
Active Fitness: The Active Fitness feature allows you to perform physical exercises simultaneously with electrostimulation programs. More than 60 videos to double the effectiveness of your workout!

2 Duo Sport devices
- 1 pack of 12 mixed large and small electrodes
- 1 storage bag
- 1 instruction manual & 1 pouch
- 4 snap cables for electrodes & 2 USB cables to charge the devices

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