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Bluetens is a medically certified health device connected to an evolving and very easy-to-use smartphone application, created in collaboration with physical therapists. It is small but powerful and centers its operation around three major functions: electrotherapy, relaxing massages and muscle strengthening.

The product, the customized programs in the smartphone application, the customized programs, ...
Unlike most medical products, Bluetens is very light, weighing only 25 grams.The device automatically connects with Bluetooth 4.0 and is controlled by the smartphone application: the brain of Bluetens. The smartphone application is as intuitive and simple as the Bluetens: with the main wheel you can select the body part, with the second wheel the desired effect. You get a list of programs compiled by medical experts, each program contains a full description of its effect on your body. A diagram is integrated to explain to the user how to place the electrodes on the affected body part. The Bluetens team is constantly developing the application by adding new features and programs.

Physical therapy (or electrotherapy): if you are injured or suffering from chronic pain, see your sports doctor who will send you to a physical therapist. He will probably use electrotherapy to get you back on your feet quickly. Bluetens uses exactly the same technology, but in a compact size.

Relaxation: Exceptional physical exertion, stress, a tiring day, a series of programs are proposed according to the area of the body to be treated. These programs will relax the cramped zone and quickly give you a feeling of well-being.

Muscle strengthening: Bluetens can be used before, during or after your physical exercise, depending on the desired goal. Before: to warm up the muscle, during: to strengthen it, and after: to relax it and prevent pain. Bluetens helps you to strengthen a weaker or weakened area thanks to specific programs.

- 1 Classic device
- 1 pack of electrodes
- 1 USB charging cable
- 1 snap cable to connect the electrodes
- 1 manual and 1 bag

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