Biomechanisches Protektoren Set Pro - M

- COMPLETE SET OF HIGH QUALITY: Carefree packaging with 6-piece set of wrist, knee and elbow pads incl. storage bag
- COMFORTABLE WEARING: Anatomically tailored RGO® fit
- HIGH SAFETY: Thanks to the shock-resistant and shock-absorbing upper shell
- ANTI-SLIDE SYSTEM: Comfortable foam padding with additional slide extension above the shell
- ALL-KNIPPING: Whether you skateboard, inline skate or ride a scooter, with the HUDORA protectors Comfort you protect yourself and your children from injuries.
Biomechanical protector set of 6 consisting of wrist, knee and elbow pads, pre-shaped hard shell, anatomically adapted RGO(R) fit, shockproof upper shell and shock-absorbing, comfortable foam padding with additional sliding extension above the shell, robust nylon fabric, incl. sock, Easy Fit & Match system for easy donning and with mesh cascade pocket
Available in: S and M

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