Specifications and Details:
Removable top - fold the PopTop all the way in, press it down and rotate it 90 degrees to take the top off
For standard wireless chargers, simply remove the PopTop to charge your phone wirelessly
Allows hands-free use thanks to the PopMounts. Compatible with all mounts sold today
Dimensions: 38.8 mm diameter x 7.7 mm H and 24.25 mm H unfolded

For the best experience, we recommend using a smooth, hard plastic case with our PopGrip and PopWallet products. While the adhesive gel on these products may stick well to other surfaces, we cannot guarantee that they will stick as firmly as they would on a smooth hard plastic case.

Works best with:
Plastic cases (smooth hard surface)

May not work with:
Phones without a case: may not stick as well as with a suitable case
Silicone cases (and many soft cases)
Textured cases (leather, textile, etc.)
Phones with glass surface
Phones with anti-fingerprint coating

Recommended Sales Price : 17.99 €

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