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Adjustable breathing
Train your breathing with our most simplistic yet practical standalone trainer.
Work on improving your lung capacity and flexibility, respiratory strength, and well-being.

Guided training
The Airofit app does not connect with your Active but instead guides you through your training.
Follow your app instructions, adjust the respiratory resistance as guided, and become your very own
personal breathing coach.

Feel the impact
With Airofit Active the training is completely in your hands. Follow the program with daily training
and feel the difference in a matter of weeks.

Training plan
Select to improve either your sports performance or general well-being, follow the pre-defined inapp training plan, and expand your breathing boundaries.
Training sessions
The app guides you through 6 different sessions developed by professional athletes and breathing
experts, focusing on improving your breathing function and state of mind.
Activity overview
As you finish your breathing training, the app will track your training sessions. Get a simple overview
of completed training sessions and keep track of your monthly activity.

• Connectivity
o Free Airofit app
o No wireless connectivity
o Requirements: IOS 12 or higher, Android 7 or higher
• Languages
o Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin,
Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.
• Materials
o Mouthpiece: Dishwasher safe
o Main body: Rinse under water
• Weight & Dimensions
o Device Size: 70mm x 77mm x 33mm
o Device Weight: 40g

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