The upgraded dB140 is the loudest bike horn on the market, letting you take control of your safety by letting people know you are there. It is small, slim and allows you to alert distracted motorists and pedestrians to your presence. With improved internal components and a brand new Garmin-style mount developed in collaboration with K-Edge, your dB140 is better than ever: rock solid on the handlebar, easy to remove and interchangeable with other Garmin-compatible devices.

140 decibels is the equivalent of the sound of a jet engine and 4 times louder than the nearest competitor. You can alert cars, buses, truck drivers and pedestrians to your presence. It has two sounds - a piercing 'road' mode (140dB) and a lower car horn sound (121dB) for cycle paths. Remote control means it is safe and easy to use while braking, while easy to install and remove thanks to the Garmin-style mount, the dB140 fits all bikes.
Fully weatherproof (but not submersible), the dB140 is a potentially life-saving accessory when riding in the city.

Key points
1. Two Garmin Style Mounts Included.
To ensure a perfect fit for all handlebar sizes, two mounts are included - one mount for handlebars 22 - 26mm in diameter with 4 different sizes of spacers and a second one specifically for handlebars 31.8mm in diameter (road bikes). You can use the spare mount on another bike, making it easy to transfer the dB140 from one bike to another.

2. Impressive performance
The dB140 has two horn modes: 140 dB and 121 dB. It runs on 2 AAA batteries, which last up to 12 months with normal use (6x 1 second per day). The dB140 makes city driving safer and less stressful: no more shouting, no more swerve, no more emergency braking.

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