Clug Pro - MTB

CLUG PRO combines the Eurobike award-winning CLUG with FIDLOCK's magic magnet and ratchet system to ensure your bike always stays secure.

Combining the exceptionally strong FIDLOCK winch and high-performance lanyard, the CLUG PRO can comfortably hold a 30kg e-bike, meaning your bike is protected from unintentional bumps or long-term tire deflation.

Nicely stored
CLUG PRO is the world's smallest bike carrier and, at 26 grams, also the lightest. It is so small that it is virtually invisible when the bike is not on it.

CLUG PRO is made of a durable ABS polymer, tested for 10,000 placements and comes standard with a 2-year warranty.

Secured by FIDLOCK
The CLUG PRO uses FIDLOCK's unique magnetic-mechanical technology that makes the moment of opening and closing the winch a uniquely satisfying experience. The magnets automatically locate the winch and the undercut, interlocking teeth give the winch incredible strength.

Custom made
Rims come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we designed the CLUG PRO to be custom made for your bike. Once you choose the right CLUG size, you can adjust the length of the cord. The cord will wrap neatly around the winch handle as you twist to secure it in place.

Trusted by an Olympian
Used by two-time Olympic Gold Triathlete, Alistair Brownlee to store his precious collection neatly and safely.

Roadie - Fits tires from 23MM-32MM (1-1.25"")
Hybrid - Fits tires from 33MM-43MM (1.3-1.7"")
MTB - Fits tires from 44MM-57MM (1.75-2.25"")
MTB XL - Suitable for tires from 58MM-69MM (2.3-2.7"")
Plus - Suitable for tires from 70MM-81MM (2.75-3.2"")

How to measure your tires
We designed CLUG to fit virtually any bicycle tire. We sell five versions of the CLUG - one for standard road bike tires between 23 and 32mm (1"" - 1.25"") and one for hybrid tires between 33 and 43mm (1.3"" - 1.7""). We also have three different MTB CLUGs for fat mountain bike tires between 1.75 and 3.2'' (44mm and 81mm).

How to install
It's very easy! Just follow the instructions in the box or check the link below to see the steps online. The CLUG attaches in place with two screws (screws and wall plugs are included). You'll be ready to clug in no time.

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