This is the way to soar ...
The GIBOARD brings fun and lifestyle together. Once set up, nothing can escape you - except maybe yourself. Whether indoors or outdoors, for ambitious freestyle action, for workouts during your lunch break or just to have fun with family and friends: With GIBOARD, you turn any place into an adventure.

You have a personality ...
So why shouldn't your GIBOARD have one too? The boards come in different designs and compact sizes. So you can express your style anytime and anywhere. Even if you put the GIBOARD aside for a while: The puristic and casual design easily attracts attention.

Very beautiful and special ...
At just over a meter long, the GIBOARD is perfectly compact.
But above all: Its shape and material create a loose bounce effect. This allows you to do dynamic moves and tricks while being easy on your joints. Thanks to the modular system, you can mount one or two lines, depending on your needs. The low height of the GIBOARD makes it accessible to all age groups.

Quality made in Europe ...
The GIBOARD is made exclusively in Europe - with high-quality beech wood from sustainable cultivation in the EU. Moreover, thanks to its smart, minimalist design, the board has no metal parts or sharp edges.

Gibbon Board Ceasar JibLine Set, Color: black, length 106 cm, incl. 2"/5cm Jibline Webbing Set (incl. Lock & Roll tensioning system), Corq Pads and Gibbon App Access, for use at home or on the go

Extension for use with 2 Slacklines possible, QR on Board for easy access to the GibbonApp for exercises and tutorials

Dimensions: 106cm length x 28cm width x 14cm height
Material: Beech wood veneer - harvested in the EU
Mechanism: Patented lock & roller tensioning system
Features: Can be used with one or two lines, QR code on graphic leads to app, scratch resistant bottom surface

High quality trick line webbing. Used by the best trick line athletes at world championships.

Dimensions: 160cm length x 5cm width
Material: Polyester with 3 tons breaking load
Features: Loop ends for fixation and tensioning

Caesar Board, Jib Line Set (includes "lock & roll" and stick for tensioning), plus self-adhesive, scratch-resistant corq pads.

Packaging dimensions: 109cm x 30cm x 15cm
Gross weight: approx. 4.5kg

Recommended Sales Price : 199.99 €

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