The BananaLama Slackline is THE ultimate all-rounder because its width is right in the middle between the two most common slackline types - 1 and 2 inches. Therefore it combines the advantages of both and no matter beginner or pro the 15 m slackline set guarantees fun and a great challenge. Already with your first steps you will feel the smooth dynamic properties of this special webbing. This 1 ½ inch wide slackline is super easy to walk but also fun for jumping and static moves. Includes TreeWear - protects the trees, for more ecological sustainability and keeps your slackline from damage!

- Gibbon Slacklines Bananalama, 15m complete set, 12.5m line + 2.5m ratchet strap, includes ratchet protection and ratchet with safety lock, 50mm/2″ wide, perfect leisure activity
- 12.5m Slackline with reinforced loop, ratchet with safety lock and 2.5m ratchet strap with reinforced loop, installation guide, 15m complete set (12.5m line + 2.5m ratchet strap), width 50mm/2″
- All live ratchet elements are metallic and must not be touched for safety reasons. "Black coating" marks the parts of the ratchet that can be safely touched. This increases safety when using the ratchet.
- Flat webbing, 3.5cm/1.5" specially designed for slacklining (trampoline effect). Continuous print for better grip and orientation on the line. The ratchet's ergonomically optimized plastic handle provides comfortable and efficient tension.
- Ratchet: metal, webbing: polyester
- Screen print.

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