With the brand new FLOWLINE TREEWEAR, we have developed a 2.5cm wide slackline webbing that "flows" evenly -due to excellent energy transfer- for power users and beginners alike, on short or long distances. Thanks to two ratchets, including spacers, obtaining the desired flexibility for your set-up is a piece of cake! In addition, the new two-tone webbing helps prevent twisting in the set-up. Includes treewear - trunk protection for a sustainable environment.

- Gibbon Slacklines Flow Line with treewear, yellow/blue, 25m, 22.5m line + 2.5m ratchet strap, beginner and advanced, longlining, 25mm/1″ line, 2 50mm/2″ ratchet straps of 2.5m length, tree and line protection (black felt with Velcro)
- 20m Slackline with reinforced loop, ratchet with safety lock and 2.5m ratchet strap with reinforced loop, installation guide, 25m complete set (20m line + 2x 2.5m ratchet strap), width 25mm/1″, with tree protection (black felt with Velcro)
- Easy and quick installation between trees or similar solid anchor points
- All live ratchet elements are metal colored and must not be touched for safety reasons. "Black coating" marks the parts of the ratchet that can be safely touched. This increases safety when using the ratchet.
- Flat webbing specially designed for slacklining (trampoline effect). Continuous print for better grip and orientation on the line. The ratchet's ergonomically optimized plastic handle ensures comfortable and efficient tension.
- Ratchet: metal, webbing: polyester

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