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Safe medical device: The heat_it is particularly reliable thanks to a sophisticated safety concept and the use of a self-resetting fuse built into the device. Your smartphone and battery are thus optimally protected. Up to 1,000 treatments are possible with one cell phone charge. Working principle & application: Medical product for the relief of itching and pain. Caused by insect bites, for example from mosquitoes, horse flies, bees and wasps. Quick effect through heat. Ready to use in seconds. If applied immediately after the sting or bite, symptoms can often be completely prevented. Symptoms may also diminish more quickly if application is begun later. Uses the scientifically proven principle of hyperthermia. Local heating can stop the release of histamine, preventing itching and pain. The principle of hyperthermia for treating itching and pain works by briefly heating the skin, to which the nerves respond. According to the current state of research, it is believed that this reduces the transmission of the stimulus. As a result, the itch signal can no longer be transmitted properly and the need to scratch disappears. To achieve this itching effect on the skin nerves, a short period of heat pain is necessary. Since the temperature sensitivity of the skin varies depending on the person and body part, the heat_it offers different settings for optimal treatment.The treatment takes only a few seconds at a temperature of about 50°C. Compatibility with iPhones: an iPhone 6 or newer is required

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