Perfect for any slackline setup: the stainless steel shackle always comes in handy.
Among professionals, the use of shackles and slings in slackline setups is standard. The shackle serves as a connecting element between the sling and the slackline module (ratchet, webbing, tensioning system). The GIBBON shackle is made of high quality stainless steel and easy to use for anyone - even if it is your first time. Our SHACKLE are made of high quality steel (12 mm) and have many applications. They are the ideal link between fixpoint and line. In combination with the GIBBON ROUNDSLINGS, the SHACKLE offers new set-up possibilities, not only for longlining but also for tricklines.

- Stainless steel
- Compatible with all slackline and loop types
- Strength 7.2 t
- Length 48 mm (inside)
- Width 24 mm (inside)

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