BACK REST car chair support

The Back Rest lumbar support is an ergonomic support for a more natural sitting position that improves your posture and gives your back a natural S-shape when sitting. The lumbar support is made of a lightweight mesh material that adapts to your body and allows for a comfortable temperature. The mesh is cool in summer and lets the chair heat through in winter.
The backrest prevents back and neck pain by guiding you to an anatomically correct sitting position on all seats. It is perfect for long car journeys and for the office chair to achieve an ergonomic sitting position.
The part in the middle of the lumbar support also provides a light massage to your lumbar spine and is easy to attach to the back of the chair with the straps.

Summary: Improves your sitting posture. Relieves tension in the shoulders, neck and lower back. Maintains a comfortable temperature.
Universal model with straps that fit all car seats and chairs.
Ergonomic, lightweight material. For daily use.

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