Heated vest - Men - XXL


Vulpés Ganymed was designed as an underwear waistcoat to support the user with active warmth in everyday life as well as in extreme conditions, especially in winter. In addition, the waistcoat protects the user in wind, rain or snow through the use of high-quality materials and retains the generated heat longer with the help of the integrated insulating layer
Graphene technology:
The graphene technology enables efficient, safe and even heat distribution.

Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0:
Vulpés Ganymede uses the latest communication technology Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 for a seamless and fast connection with your smartphone.

High quality materials
Vulpés Ganymed is made of high-quality softshell material, which provides protection from wind, rain and snow while also having breathable properties. The built-in insulating layer keeps the heat inside the waistcoat longer, increasing heating efficiency.

Waterproof electronics (IP67)
The built-in electronics are encapsulated in a dense plastic and protected against impact, water and moisture.

Waterproof zip
A high quality, waterproof and durable zip has been used to protect against water, moisture and wind at the most vulnerable point.

Hand washable
Thanks to waterproof electronics, the smart waistcoat is suitable for hand washing.

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