tPump XL

In just 12 seconds you can inflate a bicycle tire from 0 to 3 bar.
You can quickly fill all your car tires. It takes only 2.5 minutes to inflate an empty car tire to the recommended pressure, and only 12 seconds to fill a bicycle tire. The tPump XL is the fastest operating wireless pump ever made.
In addition to pumping tires, the Coolado tPump XL can also charge your phone! Its built-in power bank battery is charged from an external power source. When needed, the battery supplies power to the connected gadget through the output port.
With a tire pressure of up to 100 PSI or 6.9 BAR, the versatile tPump can meet just about any tire pressure. The digital LCD screen displays pressure readings so you can accurately measure and set the correct tire pressure

Key features:
- Pumps up to 40 liters per minute thanks to the 2 cylinder motor
- Compact and lightweight (815 gr)
- Up to 6.9 bar or 100 PSI
- Rechargeable via USB-C, wall outlet and or car plug
- Can be adapted to all types of tires thanks to adapters => Schrader, Presta, Dunlop.
- Allows to inflate inflatable balls and sports balls
- Digital touch screen
- Pressure gauge with autostop and 4 preselections
- Makes it possible to check tire pressure
- Adjustable: the 3 units PSI, KPA and BAR
- Compressor automatically stops at the desired tire pressure
- tClamp with bleed valve
- 3 LED light modes (light, warning and sos)
- Waterproof protective case
- Size : 6 X8,5 X20 cm
Other Specifications :
- Pump material : ABS + Rubber coating
- Color: Black
- Noise level: 75 decibels

Package Contents :
- Air hose with Schräder adapter
- tClamp adapter with vent button
- Presta and Dunlop adapter
- Needle adapter for sports balls
- Adapter for inflatable toys
- USB charging cable
- AC wall charger cable
- DC charging cable for car
- Water-repellent protective cover

Recommended Sales Price : 129.99 €

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