tPump X

Intelligent pressure detection - The tPump X is designed with intelligence in mind. Its advanced pressure detection and stop functions prevent you from over-inflating your tires! Simply press start and the unit will stop inflating once the preset pressure is reached. Intelligent pressure detection makes the tPump X smart and easy to use!
Cordless & portable design - Thanks to its compact mini design, the tPump X is absolutely travel-friendly! This cordless device is easy to carry in your back pocket, backpack, or car compartment for emergencies.
LCD screen - The LCD screen with advanced technology displays the pressure in real time, so you can always check the active pressure without having to bend down to check the bottom.
Multi-purpose use - The tPump X is versatile and suitable for bikes, motorcycles and cars with its maximum inflation pressure of 150PSI or 10.34 bar.

- Robust metal housing ensures high durability
- Pump function up to 10 liters per minute
- Range of air pressure up to 10.3 bar or 150 PSI
- Pump quickly and effortlessly anywhere
- Travel safely with the right pressure in your tires
- Digital tire pressure gauge for checking tire pressure
- Compact and lightweight, making it convenient for traveling and on the go
- Runs on a powerful 2,600mAh lithium battery
- USB rechargeable and wireless
- Easy to operate and user-friendly digital display
- Stops automatically when the desired tire pressure is reached
- Includes different valves, USB charging cable and water-repellent protective case
- Adjustable: the 2 units PSI and BAR
- Adjustable: 5 pre-programmed air pressure settings
- Battery indicator
- LED light with SOS mode for when you are in distress
- Flashlight function with LED light
- Coolado guarantees

- Pump material: Metal
- Color: Black
- Noise level: 75 decibels
- To be used to a minimum of 10ºC and a maximum of 45ºC

- 1x Coolado tPump X
- 1x USB-C charging cable
- 1x Air hose with Schräder adapter for bike, moped, motorcycle and car
- 1x Presta adapter for bike
- 1x Valve needle for balls
- 1x Adapter for small inflatable toys
- 1x Water-repellent protective cover
- 1x English manual with link to multilingual manual

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