Falcon 12E


Ultra lightweight, foldable 12 watt solar panel for charging 5V devices such as smartphones, action cameras, GPS and more.
Resistant to stress, seawater corrosion and highly flame retardant, this durable ETFE panel has an IPX6 rating.
The Falcon 12E has two 5V USB output ports and can charge most 5V devices including tablets, smartphones, action cameras and more.

12W Foldable Solar Panel.
Sunpower solar panel 6V/12 watts.
Total Max. Output:5V/10W. 2x USB output:5V/2A Max.
Weight: 400g.
Dimensions: 160mm x 290mm x 13mm (folded) 470mm x 290mm x 2mm (unfolded).

Falcon 12E
1x USB to USB-C cable
2x Carabiners

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