Bluetens Masterpack EU Packaging

The compact and practical BLUETENS is a medically certified electrostimulation device that uses electrotherapy to relieve pain, relax muscles and tone them. It works immediately and restores your sense of well-being.

You have an immediate effect with the Bluetens electrostimulator. Using electrical impulses, this device eliminates the pain message by stimulating the nerve fiber. It can be used daily by both elite athletes and amateur athletes.

It is easy to use! All you have to do is download the special application on your smartphone. This allows you to set up a program in a few seconds and let the device do the rest. This medically certified device is very compact and can accompany you during all your sports sessions.

- 1 Classic device
- 1 pack of electrodes
- 1 USB cable to charge
- 1 snap cable to connect the electrodes
- 1 storage bag
- 1 wireless accessory
- 1 belt clip & 1 instruction manual

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