NAQI® Body Screen, a dermatologically tested non-occlusive cream to protect the skin from friction problems.

Non-oily, intensely nourishing and protective cream against friction problems, based on natural plants.
This intensely moisturizing lotion forms an ideal barrier to prevent direct skin contact with, for example, clothing and sweat.
Since the protective film that prevents skin irritation, redness and blisters is not blocked, the skin can continue to breathe and sweat can evaporate. Thus, the natural balance of the skin is not disturbed.
Hypoallergenic and comfortable to use every day.
Prevents and soothes skin irritations due to friction and blisters.
Strengthens the skin barrier
Dermatologically tested
Suitable for sensitive skin
Not included
Relieves irritation caused by mouth mask, irritation caused by wetsuits and racing suits,
tight clothing, saddle sores.
To prevent friction problems (blisters) and protect sensitive, softened or irritated skin.
In case of skin to skin contact (between legs, breasts, in case of obesity,...)
In case of friction problems caused by clothes, skin, shoes, etc.
In case of friction problems or irritation caused by prostheses
In case of bedsores (chamois cream)
In case of irritation caused by contact with body fluids (incontinence)

Apply NAQI® body shield to the skin to prevent or relieve friction or irritation. Repeat several times a day if necessary.
Do not use on damaged skin.

50 ml, 100 ml airless spray, 500 ml

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