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Product: 5022
Barcode: 799554860030
Ref. fournisseur: VULPESG20L
UPDATE: 2019-2020 VERSION:
New battery with enhanced runtime
High-quality materials
Whether skiing, on the boat or on a leisurely walk, the Vulpés gloves provide a first-class combination of materials, which offers ideal protection against cold, wind, wet, rain and snow. Thanks to the integrated membrane, the drops of water can not get into the gloves from the outside. At the same time, moisture can escape from the glove with the help of microscopic pores. This keeps your hands dry even in extreme sports. LIVTEX PRO is made of high quality microfibers, which have excellent anti-wear properties. The woven fibers are exceptionally dimensionally stable and robust. Nevertheless, they are up to 6 times finer than virgin wool and up to 20 times thinner than human hair. In addition, LIVTEX PRO offers a higher grip strength compared to conventional materials and prevents the gloves from slipping off. This leads to a better grip, for example when skiing, on a motorcycle or on a bike. The double seam on the palm provides increased durability and durability.
Temperature control
Vulpé's MOONTOUCH was developed for precise temperature regulation. With the help of the mobile application for iOS you can adjust your individual well-being temperature. Due to the percentage distribution, the temperature can be finely adjusted to one-hundredth. The glove delivers just as much heat as you need right now. In addition to the stepless temperature control via the SmartPhone, Vulpé's MOONTOUCH can also be operated via a three-step, manual mode. The built-in LEDs immediately show the corresponding heat level (red, orange, yellow). This is ideal for activities in which one has his SmartPhone not at hand.
Heat output and battery life
The fully integrated heating elements ensure cuddly-warm hands at a temperature of up to 55 ° C. Depending on the ambient temperature and the set heat output, the gloves can warm from 2 to 7 hours.
Charge via micro USB
The gloves can be conveniently charged via micro USB port or conventional power outlet using the enclosed adapter.
Glove Size
For the ideal wearing comfort as well as the optimal use of the glove characteristics like e.g. Heat distribution and intensity, grip strength, operability of the electronic devices, etc., the correct fit of the gloves is crucial. We recommend measuring the circumference of the hand at the widest point before purchasing the MOONTOUCH Vulpés. The measured extent corresponds to the offered glove size.
The size chart can be found on our website: gloves
Requirements for the function of the gloves
Apple smartphones (iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8, 10) with iOS version 10.0 or higher
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