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Product: 4110
Barcode: 735 005 982 0047
Ref. fournisseur: 0013B1
Posture Trainer is a unique combination of training gadget and an acessory for correct posture while exercising. Using Postuer Trainer increases your blood circulation and strenght. To exercise with Postuer Trainer is a simple way to add movement into your everyday life. It can also be worn after training to stretch the chest.
Trainer is a training tool that improves your strength and mobility in upper back and shoulders.
Inspiration on exercises follows on the product.
Trainer can be worn around 15 minutes during exercise to ensure correct posture while exercising.
Trainer can also be worn up to 15 minutes after training as a tool for a chest stretch and a balance on the front and back of the body.
Resistance cord for functional training.Wear your Trainer over a t-shirt.
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