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Posture Flexi is a kind reminder that improves your posture. It's a harness that reminds rather than supports your muscles. Wear your harness witha loose fit, so it only tightens if you slouch which encourage you to streighten up. Flexi has a velcro strap taht makes it easy to put on, take o fand adjust while wearing it. Flexi gives you a low intense training while you're doing other things. It's comfortable and discrete and can be worn every day during the training session or at the office.
Flexi is an exercise gadget and should be worn 1-3 hours at the time.
Wear your Flexi with a loose fit so it only tightens when you relax your core and slouch, and encourage you to straighten up.
Flexi has a regulating strap to ensure a perfect fit and ease to put on adjust and take off.
Flexi gives you low intense posture training while you're doing other things.
With Flexi on, it's more comfortable to straighten up than to slouch.
Wear your Flexi over a vest or t-shirt.
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